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The order from the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals could increase pressure on the Trump administration to clarify its intentions regarding the controversial executive order. The 9th Circuit suspended Trump's travel ban earlier this month while litigation over the measure proceeds. Trump has said he will soon issue a new executive order that addresses concerns raised by the appeals court judges. The president's Jan. 27 order caused chaos at airports around the world as visa holders heading to the United States were pulled off planes or turned around upon arrival at U.S. airports. Trump has said travel limitations are necessary to protect the United States from attacks by Islamist militants. His original order barred people from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen from entering the country for 90 days.

We couldnt think of anyone better to consult on the subject of bedding than the experts at Frette , the iconic Italian linen purveyor and a favorite among luxury hotels and the design elite. Here, marketing manager Amy Skarbnik gives us the lowdown on how to maximize the shelf life of your linens. Find a dark, dry space Store your linens in a bone-dry space with minimal light exposure, says Skarbnik. A linen closet is ideal, but if you dont have one, she suggests a trunk at the end of the bed or a storage bench as design-friendly alternatives. Keep them contained Protect your linens from dust by storing them in a fabric-friendly container. A white fabric bag is the best option, and we recommend placing acid-free paper in between linen sets to allow for more air circulation, says Skarbnik. Avoid plastic It may be tempting to leave your linens in the plastic bags from the dry cleaner, but dont do it, says Skarbnik. In addition to plastic, you should also steer clear of cedar or cardboard to prevent yellowing and to keep your whites looking snow-white. Stay streamlined To keep your storage space neat and organized and to avoid overcrowding limit yourself to three sets of sheets per bed and as few as three sets of towels (including hand towels and washcloths) per person, plus an extra set for guests. Use sachets Sachets, while not a must, are a nice way to subtly enhance the aroma of your linens when placed in the back of your closet or trunk.

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