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Banking consultant Abimbola Agbalu tells me that he has to live at his grandmother's house, because renting his own place would be too expensive. Image caption Some housing projects remain unoccupied because they are pricey "If I wanted to rent a house where I would prefer in Lagos I would be spending at least 80% of my pay cheque to move in because I would have to pay two years' rent upfront, agency fees and maintenance fees. "And from then on I would have to spend another 60-70% of my pay cheque every year on rent, which doesn't make sense. "The problem is not that there are no houses. If you look around, there are empty houses all over Lagos; some can even go a year without being rented out. "The problem is that people can't afford them. We need better alternatives." กระเป๋าสะพายข้าง nike Refurbishing shipping containers One Nigerian company is thinking inside the box in order to provide a cheaper housing option - by making homes out of cargo containers. Dele Ijaiya-Oladipo says he co-founded Tempohousing กระเป๋าแฟชั่น ราคาถูก 200 Nigeria to provide a creative solution in a city that desperately needs low-cost housing. Image caption Shipping containers are modified to make houses but Nigerians are not keen on them "The only way we กระเป๋า เป้ ราคา ถูก can get the housing deficit sorted is by providing good quality houses at affordable rates.

Floor show Cozy, furry rugs fit right in with the whole comfort motif, so much so that the online store HyggeLife.com has an enormous selection of rugs. (Wait, is that reindeer hide ? No, Rudolph, no!) 9. The antlers go marching Antlers might be one of the weirder hygge elements, but decorating with this rustic element, whether real or artificial, is common in Scandinavia. You can always hum Gastons song from Beauty and the Beast to yourself after all, he sings about using antlers in all of my dec-o-ra-ting. 10. Splish, splash, take a bath Sure, showers are great when youre in a rush to get clean, but a decadent soaking bath is much more hygge. You can surround the tub with candles and sprinkle the water with delightful smelling salts or bubble bath for that extra ahhhh factor. Read More 11. Savor your friendships Sure, technically you could experience this cozy lifestyle by yourself, but at the heart of hygge is opening up to others.

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