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Holiday is an important season for the Soma brand, and this season, the brand stepped up its marketing efforts with television advertising and holiday promotions. The product and promotions resonated with our customers and drove the best Thanksgiving week in the history of the brand from a sales and margin perspective. However, like much of retail, traffic woes led to a slow December, but sales rebounded post holiday. Bras, panties and sleepwear were the strongest categories at Soma. Loungewear, dresses and sport were weaker categories as the brand continues to refine its brand positioning and grow its customer base. The initial launch of Sport was strong, but that momentum has not continued, and we are disappointed with performance since then. To address this, Soma is retooling the collection and utilizing many of the solution-providing technologies that our customers have grown to expect, such as slimming, shaping, and body-flattering support features. Looking ahead to spring, Soma will be featuring an expanded swimwear assortment in all stores and online that will emphasize more useful fashion silhouettes and bikinis. And as Soma customers always love newness in bras, Soma will be offering a more innovative take on a perennial favorite.

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John McDonnell saying: "Next week the Tories will make out that the economy and the public finances are doing better. However, they are planning to go ahead with a £3.7bn cut to the disabled." The PIP is for people who face additional costs because of a disability or long-term illness. It has two elements: the daily living component and the mobility component. PIP assessments are based on a system of points, which are awarded to claimants according to the seriousness of their conditions. The number of points an applicant receives determines whether they are eligible for either element of PIP and, if so, whether at the standard or higher rate. The tribunal's rulings covered the two elements. The first found that some claimants who require assistance to take medication or monitor a health condition should receive more points than the assessments currently give. The second found that claimants who suffer overwhelming psychological distress when taking ชุดนอน snoopy journeys should receive more points. The effect of the rulings would be to increase the number of eligible applicants and increase the number of people who qualify for the higher rates. The Department for Work and Pensions estimates that the total cumulative cost of complying with the tribunal's decisions would be 3.7bn over the next four years.