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They make me think that Nick is the type of person who needs something very specific to feel satisfied. You know what I mean. Why would anyone trot out the worst parts of their romantic history and giggle about it? Because he needs it to get off. He's probably got a binder clip snapped onto his balls under his tight, artfully distressed jeans while Josephine slapped him. Maybe that explains Liz's wry smile when she talks about their night together at Jade and Tanner's wedding. She knows Nick had ชุด กางเกง ไป งาน แต่งงาน to dress up like a cheerleader while she screamed at him in Portuguese. But let's get to this episode of sexual weirdness. The ladytestants are up and making mimosas in their Nasty Gal rompers while they all gush about how attractive Nick is. Host Chris shows up to remind them that there will be two group dates this week and a one-on-one date, but not everyone is going to get time with Nick. Corinne and Liz's lizard brains activate and try to figure out a way to make everything about themselves.

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